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Release date:2023-07-12

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RAPTOR 129F 16inch racing beadlock wheel  ET-38~+45, very suitable mud tires, which very suitabled for desert off road driving and mud xtreme driving.

SIZE : 16X7, 17X8, 17X9

PCD : 5X114.3, 5X120, 5X127, 5X139.7, 5X150

          6X114.3, 6X130, 6X135, 6X139.7


ET    : -38~+45


Different PCD holes, the ET range is a little different, welcome to contact us for more detials.


RAPTOR 129F beadlock wheel made 12 spokes


Beadlock wheels are the perfect addition choose for rock crawling, desert pre-running or anywhere your off-road vehicle can possibly go. When you drive your vehicles, these beadlock wheels will get you where you want to go safety and fast. 


01-Developed for the serious off-road enthusiast

02-Available in 16inch, 17inch, 18inch, 20inch with five and six bolt wheel patterns

03-Forged 6061 aluminum beadlock ring

04-Forged 6061 aluminum wheel

05-Extra wide bead seat to accommodate large tires

06-Reinforced inner lip provides extreme strength and durability

07-Recessed design protection to prevent bolt head shearing

08-24pcs grade 10.8 zinc-plated beadlock bolts (greg or black) included

09-Redundant sets of threaded beadlock bolt holes machined into wheel

10-Super strong 3100 lbs. load rating

11-Hub centric fitments for common applications


Beadlock wheel is a type of wheel that uses a mechanical fastening system to secure the tire to the wheel. It is designed to prevent the tire from slipping off the wheel, even when the tire is deflated. The beadlock wheel consists of two parts: an outer ring and an inner wheel. The outer ring is bolted to the tire together with inner wheel. The outer ring then clamped together with bolts, creating a secure connection between the tire and the wheel. Beadlock wheels are commonly used in off-road vehicles, such as ATVs and Jeeps, as they provide extra traction and stability on rough terrain.

  • RAPTOR 129F